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My Weekly Blog Roundup: June 24 – June 30

30 Jun

Here’s my weekly blog roundup:

On The Virginia Woolf Blog I posted Did Virginia Woolf Predict the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand? which discusses a letter Virginia wrote in 1914 claiming that she could sometimes predict the future and knew the archduke, who was assassinated in June of that year, was going to die.

On The Civil War Saga I posted How the Civil War Broke Chang and Eng Bunker which discusses how the Civil War depleted the famous conjoined twin’s fortune and caused much turmoil in their lives.

On History of Massachusetts I posted Did Nikola Tesla Live at Hammond Castle? which details the friendship between Tesla and John Hays Hammond Jr and the possibility that Tesla may have lived at the castle when he was experiencing financial difficulties.

St. Peter’s Fiesta in my mom’s hometown of Gloucester is in full swing this weekend! People often ask me what the festival is all about and the best way to describe it is it’s kind of like an Italian version of St. Patrick’s Day. Gloucester is a fishing village with a big Italian community who honor the patron saint of fisherman, St. Peter, with a festival every year in June. If you’ve never been before and are looking for something fun to do, head on down to Gloucester! Hope to see you there! Buona Festa!

Bird’s-eye view of Gloucester from the ferris wheel during St. Peter’s fiesta in 2011

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