Weekly Blog Roundup: Sept 23 – Sept 29

30 Sep

Hey there! Here we go again with my weekly blog roundup:


Virginia Woolf with her sisters, Vanessa and Stella, in 1896

On The Virginia Woolf Blog I posted Virginia Woolf at Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. In this post I discuss Virginia’s description of the queen’s procession throughout London and how she later reconstructed the moment for her character Clarissa Dalloway.


Confederate spy, Belle Boyd, circa 1855-1865

On The Civil War Saga I posted Women Spies in the Civil War. In this post I discuss that various ways women spies gathered and smuggled messages and supplies during the Civil War. In the Civil War Saga library corner, I also added a copy of Confederate spy Rose O’Neal Greenhow’s prison diary: My Imprisonment and the First Year of Abolition Rule at Washington.


Illustration of Squanto, circa 1911

On History of Massachusetts I posted Squanto: The Former Slave. In this post I discuss Squanto’s early life and how he was captured by an English captain and brought to Europe as a slave.

Next week, I’ll publish a post about Confederate spy Rose O’Neal Greenhow, Virginia Woolf’s jealousy over Lytton Strachey’s success and another post about Squanto and the time the pilgrims went on a rescue mission to save him after he was kidnapped by his enemy, Corbitant.


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