Weekly Blog Roundup: Sept 16 – Sept 22

23 Sep

Hello! Here’s my weekly blog roundup:


Virginia Woolf in Cornwall in 1916

On The Virginia Woolf Blog I posted Virginia Woolf & the Neighborhood Children. In this post I discuss how the neighborhood children in Rodmell often saw Virginia walking around the village and were both fascinated yet scared of her.


Illustration of the Massacre at Fort Pillow published in Harper’s Weekly on April 30, 1864

On The Civil War Saga I posted The Fort Pillow Massacre. In this post I discuss the possible events that took place after the battle at Fort Pillow in 1864, when over 200 Union soldiers, mostly African-American, were found dead.


Danvers State Hospital, circa 1893

On History of Massachusetts I posted The Danvers State Hospital. In this post I discuss the dark history of the Danvers State Hospital, originally known as the State Lunatic Asylum in Danvers, located on Hathorne Hill where the Salem Witch Trials Judge, John Hathorne, once lived.

Next week, I’ll publish a post about Squanto’s time as a slave in Europe, women spies in the Civil War and Virginia Woolf at Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.


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