Weekly Blog Roundup: Sept 2 – Sept 8

9 Sep

Hi everyone! Here we go again with my weekly blog roundup:


The RMS Titanic in Southampton on April 10 in 1912

On The Virginia Woolf Blog I posted Virginia Woolf’s Fascination with the Titanic. In this post I discuss Virginia’s interest in the Titanic disaster and how she even toyed with the idea of writing about it.


Two African-American soldiers at an abandoned farmhouse in Dutch Gap, Virginia in 1864.

On The Civil War Saga I posted African-American POWs and the Lieber Code. In this post I discuss the Confederate army selling captured black soldiers into slavery and the groundbreaking human rights law that Lincoln signed to stop it.

On History of Massachusetts I posted The Disturbance of the Indian Shore Cemetery. In this post I discuss when the gravestones of an Indian burial ground in Lakeville were moved to make way for development projects.


Map of Lakeville, Ma, circa 1893

I really enjoy writing about people who have often been ignored and overlooked in the history books so I plan on writing a lot more about Native-Americans, African-Americans and women in future posts. This includes a series of posts about Squanto from Plymouth, the role of Native-Americans in the Civil War and some more posts about female Civil War soldiers. If you have any blog post ideas, let me know!


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