My Weekly Blog Roundup: Aug 26 – Sept 1

2 Sep

Hello again! Here’s my weekly blog roundup:

1927 Singer Junior

On The Virginia Woolf Blog I posted Virginia Woolf’s First Car. In this post I discuss how the success of  “To The Lighthouse” allowed Virginia to purchase her first car and brought a new found freedom to her life.

Nimrod Burke of the 23rd United States Colored Infantry Regiment

On The Civil War Saga I posted African-American Soldiers Protested Their Low Pay. In this post I discuss why black soldiers were only paid $7 a month, while white soldiers were paid $13, and what these soldiers did about it.

115 Commonwealth ave

On History of Massachusetts I posted John Wilkes Booth Owned Property in Boston. In this post I discuss when John Wilkes Booth purchased 115 Commonwealth Ave in 1863 with intentions to build a house there.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, stop by the Civil War Saga’s new Library Corner, where you’ll find free digitized copies of many historical books about the Civil War.



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