My Weekly Blog Roundup: July 8 – July 14

15 Jul

Hi again! Here goes my weekly blog roundup:

Asheham HouseOn The Virginia Woolf Blog I posted Did Virginia Woolf Live in a Haunted House? In this post I discuss Virginia’s rented cottage, Asheham house, and how the allegedly haunted house served as the inspiration for her short story “A Haunted House.”

John Wilkes BoothOn The Civil War Saga I posted Abraham Lincoln was a Fan of John Wilkes Booth. In this post I describe how Lincoln admired Booth’s work as an actor so much he invited him to the White House so they could meet.

Henry David Thoreau

On History of Massachusetts I posted Henry David Thoreau Arrested for Nonpayment of Poll Tax. In this post I detail the events that led to Thoreau’s arrest in 1846 and his surprising reaction.

I’ve been getting a lot of nice comments and emails from readers and history fans and I have to say that they really make my day! Thanks so much for the kind words everyone! It’s so nice to hear from you all!

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