My Weekly Blog Roundup: June 17 – June 23

24 Jun

It’s that time again! Here’s my weekly blog roundup:

On The Virginia Woolf Blog I posted Leonard Woolf: Life After Virginia which describes the details of Leonard’s life, including his love life and career, after Virginia passed away.

On The Civil War Saga I posted Female Soldiers at the Battle of Antietam which details the experiences of the eight secret female soldiers, seven Union and one Confederate, who fought in the famous battle in Maryland.

On History of Massachusetts I posted The Witches of Dogtown which discusses the old ghost town in Gloucester that was once overrun by dogs, suspected witches and drifters in the 1800s. My family is from the Gloucester area and I was surprised that I had never heard about it until recently. Once I started researching the town, I discovered its creepy and sometimes violent history and I quickly realized why my family never told me about it. I plan on taking a little trip to there this summer to explore the old town.

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