My Weekly Blog Roundup: April 15 – April 21

22 Apr

Hello all! Here’s my weekly blog roundup:

On The Virginia Woolf Blog I posted Virginia Woolf’s Last Diary Entry  which discusses the last diary entry Virginia ever wrote and what it meant. The entry was written the day before her suicide and gives the reader a glimpse into her state of mind around the time of her death.

On Civil War Days I posted Paul Revere’s Grandsons Fought in the Civil War which discusses three of Paul Revere’s grandsons: Paul Joseph Revere, Joseph Warren Revere and Edward Hutchinson Revere and the major Civil War battles that they fought in.

On History of Massachusetts I posted John Hammond Jr Conducted Telepathic Experiments at Hammond Castle which describes the strange experiments Hammond conducted at his Gloucester castle for the Parapsychology Foundation in the 1950s.


One Response to “My Weekly Blog Roundup: April 15 – April 21”

  1. Sigrun April 22, 2012 at 7:28 pm #

    I find your post on VWB very interesting. Its impossible to know if she had already decided to commit suicide, but this feeling of “nothingness” is also a way express complete hopelessness I think.

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