My Weekly Blog Roundup: March 25 – March 31

1 Apr

Hello again! Ready for my weekly blog roundup?

On The Virginia Woolf Blog I posted Virginia Woolf: Witness to the Blitz which describes Virginia’s experiences living under the flight path of German bombers in Rodmell as they took off from occupied Northern France during the London blitz.

On Civil War Days I posted Conjoined Twin Eng Bunker Drafted During the Civil War  which discusses how Eng Bunker came to be drafted by the Union army but his conjoined twin, Chang Bunker, was not.

On History of Massachusetts I posted Faneuil Hall Weathervane Stolen in 1974 which details the odd story about how the grasshopper weather vane on top of Faneuil Hall was stolen in 1974 and hidden in an attempt to possibly hold it for ransom.

I’m incredibly grateful for all the love and positive responses my newest blog, The Virginia Woolf Blog, has been receiving lately. Virginia is definitely one of my most favorite people to write about and I’m thrilled everyone is enjoying reading about her. I look forward to bringing you more interesting stories about Virginia and her life.

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